Electronic Feedback Forms


You are likely to have attended or organised a conference where at the end of the session delegates have been asked to evaluate the event by answering a series of questions on a paper form. Not only is this time consuming to fill in but it is also an inefficient system.


Using an electronic feedback form instead encourages more delegate feedback and is a much better solution.

Here’s why…

Seamless and efficient

efficientBy providing your delegates with an electronic feedback form on a tablet device/messenger handset your delegates can instantly see all the questions that you want to ask. With a series of multiple choice questions, delegates can rate each of your questions using a scale (for example 1-5 with 5 being excellent). Responses can be left anonymously and attendees can leave additional comments and raise any issues.

Paperless System

throwPapersAn electronic form removes the need for you to print large volumes of paper forms for your attendees to fill in. Relying on paper forms also means that you will have to find somewhere to store responses, whereas with an electronic form you are simply sent one electronic spreadsheet, complete with all your delegate’s responses which can be filed electronically.
An electronic form is a much more eco-friendly way of obtaining feedback.


secureAs responses are sent in on line, this enables your delegate’s feedback to be stored on a secure network ensuring that as soon as responses are sent in they have no potential to get lost. You do not have to worry about delegates leaving your event having forgotten to hand their form to you. Instead you can be confident that you will receive all your delegate’s responses.

Saves time

stopwatchUsing an electronic form speeds up the time you will spend evaluating your delegates’ responses. As scores are exported to Excel format, you do not have to go manually through each response noting down your respondents’ scores and comments.

Professional feel

techNationVotingIncorporating an electronic feedback form into your event rather than using a paper form adds a professional feel to your event and allows you to impress your delegates with the finishing touches that you have made.

Electronic forms offer a much easier alternative to the paper evaluation form and are hugely beneficial for events where you have large numbers of delegates attending.

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