Expert Article: What Makes a Successful Exhibition Stand?

Expert Article: What Makes a Successful Exhibition Stand?

trevor-nichollsIn this article we talk to Trevor Nicholls, Director at Make It So Production and Events Realisation:  a theatre arts and events company supplying production expertise in live and recorded production, events and exhibitions. Trevor has over 25 years experience in the events industry.

GD: Trevor, you’ve been working in the events and exhibitions industry for some time. What, in a nutshell, would you say makes a successful exhibition stand?

TN: I believe a successful exhibition booth should give a clear message of what it needs to say, and a precise function of what it needs to be, these do sound rather obvious, but sometimes things can get a bit over complicated and fussy for delegates. Exhibitions are costly with only a limited amount of time to showcase, so I think by taking these factors into account will help in achieving a successful contribution to an exciting exhibition.

I have mainly worked medical booths at Congresses and in my experience clear, practical information, welcoming delegates, making their experiences memorable on the booth together with interaction, engaging their interests and supporting their requirements.

GD: What would you consider to be the biggest pitfall companies come across when putting themselves out there at a trade show or exhibition?

TN: I have seen amazingly designed elaborate and costly booths, with no one on them, as the company have missed some of the opportunities that should have been presented to them and not considered a detailed plan of what the show should achieve and what the presenters and representatives should be delivering.

GD: Great point! That being the case, do you have any tips for those with a bit less experience of representing their company and products at an exhibition?

TN: The people presenting, hosting, representing business on the booth are as important as the booth itself and these people should see this place as their second home, be comfortable and proud of their surroundings. It is so important for those representing to engage with their surroundings and present themselves at their best for the delegates that attend.

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