Lead Retrieval at Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Lead Retrieval at Exhibitions and Trade Shows


At exhibitions, trade fairs and some congresses, exhibitors are offered a way of recording visits to their stand for follow ups and business development.

Traditionally this involves scanning visitors’ badges using a simple barcode scanner. Exhibitors receive at the end of the day the contact details of all those who visited their stand. As an exhibitor, this leaves much to be desired as you often cannot recall who spoke with whom on your stand, and it is hard to remember (unless you have written notes) which visitors are ‘hot’ leads. Often you end up sending a generic email to everyone on the list…

Let’s imagine a Medical Equipment Exhibition where competing manufacturers are showcasing their latest technologies.

A particular visitor is very interested in the products of two competing manufacturers. On visiting the first stand, their badge is scanned and they have a fruitful discussion with the salesperson. They move on to the second stand where their badge is scanned again and another interesting conversation is had.

They return to the first stand to ask some more questions, but the original salesperson is not there, and although their badge is scanned again, it feels like they have to repeat the earlier conversation before they can make any progress. Slightly disheartened, they then return to the second stand, but this time when their badge is scanned, the exhibitor knows who they are and has the notes from the previous visit to hand. The exhibitor dispenses with the initial conversations, and the visitor is taken for a coffee to have a further discussions in a quieter place.

The first manufacturer is using the traditional barcode scanner. They have a ‘cheat sheet’ with additional barcodes allowing them to further classify visits. As people come to their stand, their badge is scanned and, if they can find the cheat sheet, additional scans are made to further identify the lead. There is no way to identify repeat visits until the data is downloaded at the end of the day or at the end of the exhibition.

The second manufacturer is using our Lead Retrieval system. Instead of a barcode scanner, this exhibitor has a customised tablet computer.

lead-retrieval-tablet-1When a visitor appears at their stand, they simply scan the visitor’s RFID badge to initiate a new visit. A short, custom survey appears and the exhibitor can add notes to each visit using the full QWERTY keyboard, allowing them to classify and define each visit accordingly.

When our visitor from the earlier example returned to their stand for a second visit, the exhibitor could immediately see the information from the previous visit on screen. This person was offered a coffee and introduced to the Sales Director who answered all the additional questions the visitor had.

lead-retrieval-tablet-2At the end of the event, they also receive a list of visits but additionally the results of the custom survey with any notes that were taken. This gives them a complete analysis of each of the visits they received and allows them to tailor follow up actions accordingly.

Often during exhibitions, you don’t have time to take full notes before the next visitor arrives. However, you can use any free time to access a list of all those who have visited your stand at any point, and edit the entries whilst the information is still fresh.


Additionally, emails can be automatically sent to visitors if they request further information, without any intervention from the exhibitor, allowing paper copies of marketing material to be reduced to a minimum and ensuring material is in their potential client’s in-box in the shortest possible time.

Event organisers can see the number of visits to each stand and timings of these to study the movement of people to further enhance the layout at future events. Points can even be awarded for visiting stands or completing tasks with prizes going to the delegates who interacted the most with the exhibitors.

The flexibility of the system offers many advantages over traditional barcode scanning systems; please contact us for more information and a no obligation demonstration.

Take a look at our Lead Retrieval case study here.