What’s new in 2016?

What’s new in 2016?

The expectation of delegate participation at events presents you with a number of key challenges, the most important of which is how best to involve the audience whilst not detracting from the objectives of the event.


Here at Group Dynamics, this is our main aim for every event we are involved with. As such we are always looking for ways to make an event more effective and for 2016 we have developed new features for our paperless conference system to assist you in achieving this.
These include:

Question Voting

like Our message gateway system has been taken that one step further. Approved questions can now appear on attendees’ devices allowing them to promote those that interest them thus ensuring the most crucial ones appear at the top of the list for discussion during the Q&A session.
This functionality also reduces the amount of questions that you will have to review by removing the chance of duplicate questions being submitted.


notepad-512Our note taking facilities have been improved to be more user friendly. Attendees can have multiple notes tied to specific sessions or documents, and these notes are synchronised with the server therefore ‘following’ the delegate. This means an attendee can review their notes at any time on any smart device they are logged into.

Attendees can also confirm or edit the email address to which the notes will be sent once the event finishes. The notes are then emailed to the final specified email address through a fully automated system.

Instant Feedback Surveys

favorite Short, ‘pop-up’ surveys can now appear on attendees’ devices at any point during the event for instant feedback. The devices switch to the survey screen regardless of the page being reviewed at the time and return the attendee to where they were on completion.
These have been used at the end of sessions to enable attendees to rate the speakers and content for that particular session straight away without having to wait until the end of the event.

These surveys often take the form of “rate out of 5 stars” types of questions so that they are quick and easy for delegates to complete whilst transitioning between sessions.

The fundamental goal for us is to help our clients meet the key objectives for their event and this drives all of the developments we make. It means we work collaboratively with every client on each project providing bespoke solutions for every event.
If you would like to know more about these new features or our paperless conference system, contact us to arrange a demonstration.