5 inspiring ways to use RFID at your next event

RFID stands for Radio Frequency identification and has been around for many years now. It is used extensively throughout many industries and all of us have come into contact with it in our daily lives, often without even knowing it.

It is a contactless technology and has been used to provide entry to football tournaments, music festivals, as a form of entry on transport and even enabling you to pay for food in shops.

However, it has other advantages too. You may not have considered the benefits of using it during your conference event.

Here are just a few ideas that you might consider.

1. Delegate Management

Attendance Management in PragueRFID Badges can make managing your conference delegates easier. Badges can provide a key to your event, enabling delegates to access event information for themselves at their fingertips. They can view personalised conference sessions they are attending as well as any hotel, flight and transport details. You can inform them about event information for example, complimentary drinks and group photos. Using badges means that long queues are avoided as badges ensure a manageable flow of delegates.

Organisers can track where delegates have been and which sessions they have visited- extremely beneficial if you need an accurate record of attendance for the awarding of CPD credits and removing the need for organisers having to sift through a paper trail. You can also ensure that delegates attend the right sessions.

2. Table Plans

gd-table-plan4_framedMake it easy for delegates to find their table – Give them an easy to follow interactive seating plan on kiosks! They can see the exact location of their seat and a clearly marked route guiding them to it.

Delegates will not face long queues to view a poster seating plan and will appreciate not having the stress of searching for their seat. You can feel confident that delegates will be seated quickly, efficiently and without any delay to proceedings.

Interactive table plans are a great introduction to events where you have a large number of guests attending such as award dinners and charity events.

3. Competitions

tablet-quizHave your delegates moving around at different points by swiping their badge onto an interactive information point or kiosk stand.

Some ideas that you might consider include: hosting a giant Test the Nation style quiz, where RFID can be used to store demographic data about teams and holding information points where delegates scan their badge to earn points and golden tickets.

4. Treasure Hunt

smartDeviceFilmingGet your delegates hunting for treasure by answering clue type questions using tablets. The technology is flexible, giving you the option of holding your event indoor or outdoor. It offers a fun and engaging way for employees to learn and discover more about your business. This is also a great way for teams to interact and work together as they complete the challenge.

5. Lead Generation

smart-kiosk-2By simply swiping a visitor’s RFID badge onto a tablet, an exhibitor can use RFID badges to give them live information about visitors that have visited their stand during the exhibit. This information is available instantly throughout the event. Perhaps a visitor has returned to your stand having been seen by another of your colleagues, using RFID, organisers can be one step ahead and access this information. Notes can be also added by exhibitors and stored telling organisers which particular area a visitor has expressed interest in. Visitors can also request information from exhibitors simply by swiping their badge onto a kiosk and touching the ‘request info’ button.

RFID provides exhibitors with more possibilities than a simple barcode badge could.
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