A Sweepstake with a Difference

A Sweepstake with a Difference

The world has been gripped with football fever with the FIFA World Cup currently taking place in Russia and the Group Dynamics office is no exception!

We decided to have an office sweepstake for the tournament but being a tech company, we thought we would do things a little differently…. we incorporated RFID into the draw.

How we hear you ask…

32 RFID badges were programmed with the name of each team competing in this year’s World Cup and another set of badges were programmed with the names of the GD team taking part.

All of the badges were blank on the outside so no one knew the team or name on that particular badge until it was scanned.

We only had 7 participants, so the top 7 teams according to FIFA rankings were in pot 1, the next 7 in pot 2 and so on until pot 5 which had the 4 lowest ranked teams. This meant 4 lucky members of the GD team would have an extra team in the sweepstake.

Kathryn was nominated to select the name RFID badges, Joe was in charge of reading each badge and, to ensure fair play, we even had an independent adjudicator in Jordan!

No expense was spared in recreating the authentic feel of the draw.


OK, so we didn’t quite have the same budget as FIFA for the bowls, or the set, or anything in fact, so two storage tubs were used – one contained the badges programmed with our names and the other was used to place the team badges in, one pot at a time.

We started with Pot 5…

Kathryn selected a name badge and then the person whose name had been drawn selected a badge from the team pot which was then read to discover which team it was. When all of the teams from that pot had been drawn, the name badges were replaced into their tub and the next pot of team badges were placed in the team tub. The process was then repeated.

To begin with the mood was a little subdued as initially it was all the lower ranked teams that were being drawn. However by the time we reached pot 2 – which included England – tensions had increased! Who was going to end up with England, Spain and Uruguay, as they were all in pot 2!

By the time we reached pot 1 with the 7 highest ranked teams we were at fever pitch – who would end up with Brazil? Or current World Number 1, Germany? Then there was Portugal, Argentina, Poland, France and Belgium!

So who ended up with which team? Check out our teams below and let us know who you think has the strongest group, and therefore the best chance of winning:

Chris S Joe Iain Jordan Kathryn Chris H Zoe
Russia Panama Saudi Arabia South Korea Serbia Morocco Senegal
Iran Australia Nigeria Japan Sweden Iceland Tunisia
Denmark Costa Rica Egypt Croatia Switzerland Peru Colombia
Spain Uruguay England Mexico Poland Portugal Germany
France Belgium Argentina Brazil


Which team do you think is going to win the World Cup? We would love to hear who your money is on!

Also if you would like to know more about how you can incorporate RFID into your event, for both practical and entertainment purposes, please get in touch!