Message Gateway

Providing a gateway between you and your delegates.


tablet-messagingDelegates expect to be consulted and involved at today’s events. The quantity of information received during a meeting can sometimes be difficult to manage however. The Message Gateway gives organisers and presenters simple tools to identify and channel key messages in a live environment.


Instead of running around with a microphone, questions are sent directly through one of our Smart Devices, a Messenger handset, a smartphone or even any device that has an internet connection and browser.


Presenters can then choose the  relevant questions and decide whether to display to the audience as a whole. They can also filter and edit comments accordingly. As messages are received instantly from multiple sources, moderators are able to channel them seamlessly to one or many displays. Themes can be identified and grouped together.



So…how does this work in practice?


Nexus10withHands350Each expert is equipped with a touch screen device. As questions and comments from the audience flow into the system, they can easily be routed to the relevant expert and these messages appear instantly on their individual device.


Hosts can add private comments and then with one simple touch on their device, selected messages can then be sent onto the main screen for the whole audience to see and discuss.


The Message Gateway is flexible and can handle multiple displays, with each screen able to show a different set of messages. Comments about the event, for example, could be shown like a Facebook wall and the Message Gateway is also able to receive tweets.


A notable feature of the Message Gateway is just how simple and easy it is to use, with no complex knowledge required in operating it. It has, in fact, been designed to be controlled by you, the real experts on the subject.


Smart Tablet Messaging - Photo copy

With the Message Gateway, questions and comments from the audience can be moderated and sent directly to the main screen.


Social Media and the Message Gateway


v65oai7fxn47qv9nectxIn these days of social media, you may want more than just your audience to contribute to the discussion. The Message Gateway allows you to harvest comments from Twitter, whether it be a hash tag, tweets from a certain person or any comments about a specific topic.

As the Message Gateway gives you full control of what’s shown as well as where and to whom, you can be sure that no inappropriate content is displayed.