Delegate Management Systems

Jane Clark Smart Badge

Smart Badges contain an RFID circuit and can be printed in full colour

Jane Clark is attending a two-day conference for retail managers in Paris. As she arrives at the venue, Jane is given an RFID Smart Badge personalised with her details.


The venue staff simply swipe Jane’s card onto an electronic device, which registers Jane’s attendance at the event and also with her employer.


Jane goes to a convenient Smart Kiosk and places her badge on the reader. Immediately all her details are available for her to view. Jane is also able to view the details of the hotel she is staying at as well as her flights and transfers. She also sees they have noted her specific dietary requirements, that she has access to lunch in the VIP area and is eligible for two complimentary drinks at the hotel bar during the course of each day.


Jane enters her first workshop and picks up a smart tablet and logs on again using her badge. She can now participate in the session through the interactive voting and also send in questions and comments to the presenters. She can access the delegate list and see who has arrived. She

Smart Devices or Messenger Handsets can be used as scanners to check delegates in or out of a session.

Smart Devices or Messenger Handsets can be used as scanners to check delegates in or out of a session.

spots an old colleague from Germany and sends them a quick message to organise a meeting.


As the workshop progresses, she decides that she wants to ask the presenter a question about the Company’s sales strategy for the forthcoming year. Jane  types in her question on the QWERTY keyboard and then places her badge over the tablet, which adds Jane’s name automatically to the sender field.



Jane continues with her workshops until lunch. She wonders where her table is but then spots on the tablet device that there is a seating map and a marked route to the VIP area, where she is sitting. Jane follows the clearly laid out route and sits down at her table.


During lunch, Jane decides to check and see what time drinks and dinner is scheduled that evening.


She also notices that there is a group photo scheduled for the next day.


As Jane’s last presentation of the day finishes, she checks the logistics tab to see that the coach scheduled to pick guests up and transport them to their hotel is due in 10 minutes. Before leaving for the day, she takes a minute to give some feedback on the event and to request copies of the most interesting presentations; these are sent automatically to her email address.


Whilst Jane has been managing her own experience and communicating effectively, the meeting organisers have been able to monitor attendance levels and react accordingly. It has allowed them to focus on managing the event more efficiently and also given them a lot of data to make the delegates’ experience even better.


Group Dynamics’ Smart Badges are simple and effective to use: