Electronic Voting System

Conference delegate using a voting system keypad

In today’s meetings it is imperative to involve your audience in an interactive, inclusive and structured way.


Our electronic voting systems ensure that your delegates have the freedom to express their opinions in a controlled manner through our simple-to-use interactive hand held voting devices and smart tablets.


Voting using an event app on a smart deviceInteractive slides can be inserted into existing presentations and templates can be replicated ensuring your brand guidelines are followed. Voting slides can be added and edited with ease and do not require any special software to be viewed as all graphics are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.


The interactive voting system provides an effective and simple way of involving and inspiring your audience.


You integrate a series of multiple choice questions into your presentation and equip the audience with our Messenger handsets or Smart Devices.


At the relevant point in your presentation, simply display a question and suitable responses and audience members then select their answer or answers accordingly.


Results are displayed instantly allowing for immediate feedback and discussion.


All voting data is stored and can be exported to Microsoft Excel for easy post-analysis.


Conference speaker instructing the audience on using a voting system

Using the voting system allows you to discover exactly what the audience is thinking, and this can be done anonymously if necessary. Without peer pressure the quality and accuracy of feedback is extremely high. It presents a valuable opportunity to reinforce key messages and address any potential issues during the course of the meeting.


There are a multitude of ways to ask questions of an audience, from simple multiple choice, order of preference, average score to text voting. You can even ask a series of demographic questions and cross-reference those with other voting questions to see how the opinions of different segments of the audience differ.


If you have an idea for how you might use electronic voting at an event, or would like some advice about how you might best use the technology we’d be more than happy to help.