Messaging & Hand Held Voting Devices

tabletTextDelegates need to have the freedom to raise questions and comments during meetings without feeling self-conscious, nervous or embarrassed. Event organisers want to encourage the flow of questions without having to disrupt the event and having to worry about collecting responses through a microphone or written notes.


Group Dynamics provides a solution to this through messaging on our Messenger handsets, Smart Devices and smartphones.


Delegates send in questions and comments freely and in their own time.


  • Questions and comments can be sent following up on points made during presentations.
  • Presenters can be asked questions directly.
  • Proves essential for brainstorming, Q&A, and panel sessions.

Messaging enables everyone to participate and all ideas to be heard.


How does it work?

messengerAngle2TextDelegates are equipped with a Messenger handset or Smart Device. They type in their message and press ‘Send’. It really is that simple.


All messages are collected and can be displayed live on-screen if required. Messages can even be sent to a comfort monitor so that presenters can see them directly.


If you want to take it a step further, you can use the Message Gateway to view, edit, tag and send messages directly to individual presenters or panel members. You can even collect Tweets, allow delegates to use their own smartphones and send messages to other displays elsewhere at the event. Take a look at the Message Gateway page to find out more.