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Cultivating Change

Philips Electronics UK held a conference at a London hotel for its finance group focusing on culture change. The agenda included discussions about what staff members considered culture to mean and how they could accelerate culture change within the company.

Throughout the day, delegates were asked to answer a series of questions using Group Dynamics Smart Devices.

Do we really need a change in our Culture?
YES 98%

A series of workshops were also held alongside break out discussions and group feedback. The conference also looked at career progression.  

A series of poll questions were asked including where individuals saw their future within the finance group and the best pillar for career advancement. Voting results were displayed instantly.

Delegates were able to get creative later in the day by becoming film directors and making short adverts on our 10-inch Smart Devices. Working in teams, the delegates were each given a prop such as a vacuum cleaner, a holiday company, an item of clothing or a drink product. Each team then had ten minutes to create an innovative marketing advert to promote their brand and record it on their Smart Device. The ads were then displayed to the whole audience with the best adverts and directors scooping ‘Oscar’ awards for their efforts.

Guests were then asked to rate the day by answering a series of feedback questions on the tablets and were also able to use the Smart Devices to send in their own ideas for culture change via the Message Gateway.

The final question of the conference asked the audience about how confident they were about being able to make the changes to the culture within the company. 

Over 90% of the audience responded positively.

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