Using technology to facilitate discussion and teamwork

Less is more?

We often say that less is more when it comes to event technology and this is a perfect example of that. A large international airline was looking to run a conference for their leadership team to discuss challenges they faced across the company and possible solutions to these. They knew that the people attending were the best placed to not only identify the issues but to solve them as well, they just had to get them talking.

They approached Group Dynamics to help them come up with a solution that would encourage discussions between people who would not normally come into contact with one another.

The 244 delegates were divided across 28 tables with the people in each group being a mix of departments and locations.

The right solution

Instead of all of the attendees being provided with a tablet each, it was decided that technology access would be restricted. This resulted in one tablet being available per table to encourage people to talk to one another and work as a group.

The features available on the tablets enabled attendees to access the agenda and meeting documents, as well as being able to ask questions, provide comments and submit feedback. Across the day there were a range of different group activities and discussions with each group utilising the tablet on their table to respond.

The outcome of this event was astounding with one of the organisers commenting that some of the ideas generated that day were going to save the company tens of thousands of pounds.

The feedback from delegates was also positive: 

“Working as a team, absolutely brilliant. Really worthwhile and fun. Thanks.”

This event and its outcome reaffirmed what we talk about a lot in our articles, blog posts and in conversations with event organisers – it is key that you know who your audience is and what your objectives are to determine the best technology solution for your event.

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