Using Technology to Gain Employee Insights

A leading financial services company held a meeting with key employees to discuss strategic topics and how to improve communications with the senior management team.

They wanted an easy way for attendees to submit their ideas and for attendees to select their favourite ideas of those proposed.

A custom version of our tablet messaging solution with up-voting feature allowed this to happen.

Attendees shared a tablet in pairs through which they could submit ideas surrounding key topics impacting the business. Attendees selected the appropriate category and added their suggestion. These suggestions were then displayed on all of the tablets allowing attendees to select/ like their preferred suggestions with the most popular ideas rising to the top of the list.

The attendees could also put forward requests to the senior management team regarding the type of information that they would like to receive from them throughout the year.

This event provided the senior management team with feedback regarding what their teams across the business wanted and needed in regards to communications as well as a general consensus on ways their employees believe the business can be moved forward.

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