Advertising Association: Last One Standing


As part of Advertising Week Europe 2015, the Advertising Association held an evening event called ‘Last One Standing’. Four competitors took to the stage to present their views in front of a live audience of over 200 on whether the advertising world and its output really reflects British diversity, whether the most was being made of UK talent and if not, how they might change things. The main question facing the four was ‘UK advertising will never be truly diverse until we…?’


AA_LastOneStanding_23Mar2015_photographerBronacMcNeill_LR-0109Hosted by Eleanor Mills, Editorial Director of The Sunday Times, the event was in a ‘Balloon Debate‘ format. It was a fight for survival for each person with audience members having the final say in who they wanted to save. Each individual pitched their argument to a room of their peers and the audience was asked to vote for their favourite person using a Messenger Audience Response Handset. The two people receiving the highest number of votes went on to face one another in a question and answer session. A final vote then decided the winner.


AA_LastOneStanding_23Mar2015_photographerBronacMcNeill_LR-3781As the results of the voting were not to be displayed on the main screen and there was no comfort monitor available, we had to find a way to inform the presenter who had won each vote. Using the Message Gateway, a message could be sent from the back of the room which would appear instantly on a portable tablet device held by the presenter, who could then inform the audience who was through to the next round.


AA_LastOneStanding_23Mar2015_photographerBronacMcNeill_LR-0451Interactive voting gave the audience members the ultimate decision-making power and added to the lively debate which ensued. Using an electronic system meant voting results could be collected instantly with no fuss or hassle for the host managing proceedings.

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Photographs by Bronac McNeill – Courtesy of Advertising Association.