A major manufacturer wanted to find out how each of their departments felt about various statements relating to the business. Questions asked ranged from health and safety issues, technology, customer service and the company’s  internal communication procedure.

Delegates were provided with Messenger handsets to vote on the questions.

Once the delegates had voted, the overall results were compared with the board’s opinions to analyse whether both were in line with one another. From this comparison, the company could see if they were out of touch with employer feeling and if one area of the company in particular felt stronger about any given area than another.

Examples of questions included:

  • ”It’s our business”  is meant to express the sense of ownership held by every employee. How strong is this sense of ownership amongst members of the team in your function?
  • What is teamwork like between yourselves and other functions?
  • Being bold and challenging the norm. How much attention do you think we pay to this issue.
  • How good are people across the business at taking personal responsibility for commitments?

Message results gave the Company’s Board a clear indication of its employees perceptions on key issues and areas to focus on following the feedback.