Develop Croydon Conference

Develop Croydon Conference

A one-day conference was being held to discuss bringing investment to Croydon and developing the area.

The event was aimed at attracting business, redeveloping and bringing economic growth to the area.  250 delegates attended the event comprising of developers, property professionals and investors. Key note speakers also featured.

croydon-messages250 Messenger handsets were provided for voting and survey responses. The Message Gateway was also used and meant that hosts could control the in flux of messages and focus on relevant messages. Break out sessions also meant that various sections of the audience could rate different sessions.

Survey questions were held during the course of the day, questions during the morning included:

  • ‘What is your view of Croydon now?’
  •  ‘Why are you attending the Develop Croydon event?’.

Afternoon questions raised were:

  • Which retail growth policy gives voters most confidence that Croydon can rival Bluewater as a number 1 retail destination in South London?
  • How would you rate Croydon as an attractive prospect for businesses compared to surrounding boroughs?
  • What should be the key priorities for Croydon going forward?

Delegates were then asked to rate their view of Croydon compared with their morning answers to see if there had been any shift in opinion.

croydon-borisAt the end of the result a total of 150 messages throughout the course of the day had been sent in by delegates. There was also a high turn out response from delegates who had filled in the on line event feedback form on the Messenger handset. From the feedback received, hosts received positive feedback  regarding the surveys and content of the event.

Meeting organisers were able to gain valuable insight into what local businesses felt about regeneration of the area and ideas for retail growth.  A significant 86% of the audience thought that Croydon’s approach to supporting the town’s recovery and ongoing regeneration would prove successful.