Economic Growth Summit

smart-deviceA leading accountancy firm held a series of one day conference events throughout the UK to discuss economic growth within the UK economy with business leaders from each region.

They wanted to gain some insight into what their delegates believe needs to change in the UK to enable their businesses to unlock their growth potential. They wanted to give guests the opportunity to discuss the key challenges facing their businesses and share high performance strategies with their peers. The outcomes of these meetings would be presented as a manifesto to Parliament in the future.

Steph McGovern, Business Reporter for BBC Breakfast chaired the events and Lord Paddy Ashdown, noted politician and diplomat, was the key note speaker. Each event also included a number of specialist panellist speakers.

Topics included:

  • How confident delegates felt about economic growth.
  • Which sources delegates considered could help influence the growth of the business.
  • Factors they considered proved the biggest barrier to economic growth.
  • How optimistic individuals felt about their business prospects over the following twelve months.

smart-devices-round-tableOur Smart Devices were provided so that delegates could answer series of multiple choice polling questions on a range of different topics.
PowerPoint slides for each topic were presented to the audience and they were asked to select their chosen answer on the tablets. Additionally, delegates were also asked to rank their top three answers from a choice of options and rate whether they saw certain areas as critical, important, unimportant or uncritical. Voting results were displayed live on screen to provoke discussions.

Our touch-screen tablet devices allowed delegates to have access to event information at their fingertips. We provided an event portal which was fully branded and customised with a welcome page, a conference agenda, delegate list and background information about the key presenters and panellists. They were also free to send in any comments, questions or messages they had for the presenters and organisers, who could view them using the Message Gateway.

So that the event organisers could gain the delegates’ evaluation of the event as a whole, we provided a paperless feedback form on the tablets. Attendees were asked to rate the content, format, network opportunities and the quality of the presenters and panellists. There was also the opportunity to subscribe to one of the host firm’s economic journals, as well as being able to request a follow up appointment to discuss any points they had raised.

The paperless feedback system meant that the organisers didn’t have to collect the forms at the end of the event or spend time collating all of the data. All results were provided post-event as an Excel spreadsheet.
A particular highlight during the roadshow was that one of the conference venues was at the Concorde Conference Centre, Manchester; incorporating a purpose-built super hangar containing the Concorde G-BOAC, legendary flagship of the British Airways fleet.