Exhibition Quiz – Medical Symposium, Prague

Consider using a quiz system to test just how much your employees know about your company’s products.

The European Society for Immunodeficiencies, a not for profit association, improving knowledge in the field of immunology, held their 16th Biennial meeting in Prague. The four day scientific programme drew over 2,000 medical experts from across the globe to discuss advances in diagnostic immunology, genetics and immunobiology of human diseases, as well as providing a forum to share knowledge.

One of the exhibitors, a global healthcare company, wanted to test health professionals’ knowledge of their new drug through a series of interactive questions, while also seeking to provide them with additional knowledge. Questions needed to be easy to answer and with a quick turnaround to fit around the seminar sessions that were taking place.


We designed a set of multiple quiz questions, using our Powerpoint-based audience response software, PowerQ. Visitors to the stand answered a series of ten multiple-choice questions using one of our electronic voting keypads. The questions were based on the doctors’ existing knowledge of the drug as well as some fun general knowledge questions about Prague.

They simply selected their preferred answer by choosing the appropriate number on the keypad. Those that achieved the highest points in each round were awarded a USB device fitted with all the information practitioners needed to know about the drug.


The quiz provided an alternative way for practitioners to learn about a new product, instead of just being given facts and figures. They were able to interact and answer questions for themselves in a fun and interesting way. Participants enjoyed the added competitive element.

Client testimonial
I thought I’d just let you know that our week in Prague was a great success and the client was delighted with the booth and the quiz. The global exhibitions manager said to me that at the industry congress meeting on the last day, even the other competitor companies remarked they thought the quiz was well produced and engaging for doctors and a high point of the congress exhibition. The technician was great I have to say, professional, courteous and dedicated, the clients really liked him and thought he did an excellent job.


Can your audience benefit from a similar style quiz? See how much they know about your company and products through an interactive system. Contact Group Dynamics to discuss your ideas.