Financial Services: Facilitating Discussion & Networking Using Smart Devices

How do you create an engaging, informative conference for over 500 delegates and enable them to network with one another?

A leading accountancy and professional services firm wanted to create an engaging conference for 500 delegates across the financial sector at their annual European bank restructuring and debt conference.
Organisers wanted to discuss the latest issues facing the financial sector through a series of expert led panel sessions using the latest technology. Sessions were designed for the delegate-organisers wanted them to be involved as much as possible and drive the conversation. To achieve this they wanted delegates to have the confidence to ask the questions they wanted and engage in debate with panelists about the issues that were affecting them. Many delegates attending were from other financial companies, so the technology needed to impress.

What we did

500 tablets were programmed with a customised paperless conference app which included an agenda, welcome note, attendee list and speaker bios.

Delegates were provided with their own Smart badge to log into their tablet, by swiping their badge on their tablet, they were automatically added to their attendee list. Clear step by step instructions were placed on a slide on the main screen to show delegates how to use the tablets, as well as the other features available.

During the panel led sessions, individuals were encouraged to engage in the topics through a selection of voting questions. Not only did this test delegate knowledge but it also engaged them throughout the sessions. To get the most out of the sessions, they were encouraged to send in their comments and questions freely throughout the day using the send message facility on the tablet. They could do this in confidence- knowing that their comments could be sent in anonymously if they chose.

To facilitate networking between delegates, individuals were able to send messages to one another. They were able to connect with other delegates from other financial providers by seeing who was on the attendee list. Delegates could use the check my message facility on the tablet to check email responses from other attendees.

A customised evaluation form also ensured that the hosts got honest feedback from delegates on the level of detail and quality of discussion of each panel session, as well as allowing delegates to send in any additional comments to organisers. Delegates were also able to request further information and conference materials by submitting their email address using a contact form button.

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