Focus Group

Focus Group

A focus group was held to gain the opinions of local residents on health and weight issues and how the residents felt about implementing changes on key topics. A range of stands offering information on exercise and healthy eating also complemented the event.

We provided our audience response keypads so that the residents could vote on four main policy areas.votingKeypad

  • Implementing a water only policy in schools
  • Introducing a healthy catering commitment by local restaurants
  • Making positive choices in relation to exercise
  • Regulation of food outlets near schools

Individuals were asked to vote on whether the policy areas were key issues for concern and were broken down into the following sections

  • Is this issue a top priority?
  • Top priority- let’s do it now
  • Medium priority- good idea
  • Ok- I would quite like to see it in place
  • Not something urgent
  • Not something we should go for

voteResultThey also voted on how well the implemented policies would work and whether they themselves would champion the ideas. The group then rated each policy on a scale of 1-10, for 1 where the policy was no good at all for the local area and 10 where the policy was perfect for the area. Residents also voted on whether there were barriers to implementing the policies ways of overcoming any barriers.

smoothieCycleThe event proved a huge success, residents after the event commented on just how enjoyable the event had been with one commenting that the evening had gone too quickly. The session was thought provoking and adding voting to the proceedings enabled residents to participate, interact and be consulted on a wide range of issues.