Fundraising & Silent Auction with iPads – Case Study

How can you generate as much money as possible for your chosen charity through an easy to use, secure system, whilst creating a fun night for your guests?

Cystinosis is a rare inherited disease occurring in 1 in 200,000 births within developing countries.
The Cystinosis Foundation UK is a charity that supports individuals, families and researchers in the Cystinosis community.

The charity held a silent auction dinner to raise as much money as possible. Guests were given two iPads per table, programmed with our silent auction app. Each lot had its own page within the app with pictures and a description of the item.

Guests were able to bid for lot items by logging into the system by entering their name, email address and table number. They would then choose the lot they wished to bid for and then enter the amount they wished to bid for. Guests were sent an email notification if they had been outbid on an item and a message asking them if they wished to make a higher bid for the item.

Screens placed around the room updated guests with lot items and the current bids on items.
Guests enjoyed using the tablets to make their bids. Bidding was not only easy but guests found the silent auction software sleek and professional. Organisers were impressed with how smoothly their event had gone and just how much money had been raised.

[quote]I’m writing to say a massive thank you to for your exceptional service for our Great Big Glitter Ball! Your help was invaluable and was a big contributor to making our night such a success. Group Dynamics technician ran the show outstandingly well, handling the committee of tense women beautifully and doing it all with incredible calmness and always a smile! We all feel very grateful and couldn’t recommend you highly enough![/quote]

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