Instant Messaging Between Delegates

delegate-instant-messaging-2A leading accountancy and professional services firm wanted 350 delegates to be able to message each other privately during a professional networking event to make introductions, arrange meetings or just generally talk shop. Messages sent between individuals needed to be done in a secure way, with only the intended recipients being able to view their messages.

With the use of our Smart Badges, this was not a problem. Each delegate was given their own personalised RFID badge which allowed them to log into a Smart Device to send and retrieve messages as well as acting as a layer of security. Similarly if a delegate had forgotten which Smart Device they had been using, they could use any other tablet just by simply tapping their badge on the NFC reader.

A member of our team was on hand at the registration desk to provide badges for additional delegates or those who had misplaced their badge with another one.

delegate-instant-messaging-1The great advantage of the private messaging feature meant that individuals could arrange catch up meetings and network with colleagues who were based in other countries or locations, all without disrupting the conference proceedings. Delegates could also check their messages at any point.

A series of pages was also made available to delegates on the tablets; allowing them to view the agenda, speaker bios and a delegate list, which they could refer to at their leisure.

Following guest speaker presentations, individuals were encouraged to voice their opinions on a range of topical financial issues. They also had the freedom to follow up with speakers on any given topic by using the tablets to send in their questions, with the option of doing so anonymously. Using the Message Gateway, hosts could see messages on another Smart Device as they came in, and then forward them to the relevant presenter. Selected comments and questions could also be displayed live on the main screen. Delegates also had the opportunity to request a meeting with organisers if they wanted to follow up on any points or issues raised at the meeting.

Instant Messaging between Conference DelegatesOne of the main objectives of the day was to enable attendees to meet with colleagues and peers to help expand their professional networks. Delegates made full use of the features of our Smart Devices and results showed that over 75% used the Instant Messaging feature of our Event Portal to help them make the most of this networking event.