Is It True That Duck Quacks Don’t Echo?

Is It True That Duck Quacks Don’t Echo?

Actually it isn’t but the Sky1 television game show with the same name continues to test whether the most startling facts are true.

dqde-lee-mackWith Lee Mack overseeing proceedings, three celebrity guests bring an interesting fact to the table for discussion and, with the help of a team of verifiers, attempt to prove whether this fact is true or not. They also discuss facts put forward by the audience as well as by Lee himself.

Season 3 of the show introduced an audience participation element with the audience rating how good they believed a fact was. For this, we were contacted to help implement a system to enable this to happen. Each member of the audience was provided with one of our Messenger handsets. They were then asked to score a fact from 1 to 10, with 1 being not very good and 10 being amazing.

dqde-messenger-keypad-votingThe results of these votes were collated to provide an average overall score. This was forwarded to Lee to announce on camera to the audience and to the panellists. Lee was also provided with the names of audience members who had rated the fact with the lowest and highest scores. He selected members of the audience from this list at random to find out why they had given the score they did.

Proof of the success of the show was the rebooking for Season 4 which was recorded in the Spring of 2016. Watch out for more strange facts and audience voting on Sky1 soon!

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