Trade Union/AGM

Trade Union/AGM

For the seventh year running, Group Dynamics provided our Messenger handsets and RFID Smart Badges at a trade organisation event. 200 delegates attended the three day conference, representing over 15,000 retailers from across the UK. Through electronic voting, delegates elected new Presidential candidates, as well as a National Vice, Deputy President and National Trustee. They also voted on a range of other issues.

The main conference agenda was aimed at the election of a new National President as well as passing a number of motions. To do this, delegates were provided with our Messenger handsets to vote.  Using our RFID Smart badges, each card was loaded with each delegate’s voting strength depending on how many retailers he or she was representing. There were over 15,000 votes to cast. Using the Messenger meant that there was no need for paper forms to be filled in, or a large number of forms to be collected to be counted.  Instead, election results were received instantly and displayed live on the screen.

panel-session-voteOn the first day, delegates voted for their new President, a National Vice and Deputy President and National Trustee simply picking their chosen candidates by voting on the Messenger handsets.

Day one also began with a shop summit representing retailers aimed at promoting business, along with an election to vote in a new President and board members.

On days two and three delegates voted on motions and rule changes.

The conference addressed issues relating to how retailers dealt with:
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    • Local charities
    • The use of social networking for work
    • How they built relationships
    • Their use of E-based media
    • Exploring ways of driving sales and business growth


The use of the messenger handsets for electronic voting enabled elections to be held in a quick and efficient manner  with results being instantaneous. It also removed the need for paper counting which can be time consuming. A wide range of issues could be discussed with results being available in record time.