Energy Company, Paris

Energy Company, Paris


chateauA large world leading energy generating company held an annual senior managers meeting at a Chateau near Paris, of which 180 delegates attended from various Countries across the globe.



smart-devices-on-chairsDelegates were provided with our Smart Devices which were customised with the event’s agenda, speaker biographies, personalised delegate logistical information, as well as corporate branding. Delegates were also able to view which of their fellow delegates were also attending the event through a ‘who’s who’ app on their device.

Our Message Gateway system also enabled facilitators to moderate and identify messages from each Q&A session and relevant ones were displayed on the live screen. During the second day, delegates were asked to vote on a series of different issues.

Issues that were raised related to health and safety, technology, discussing customer centric approaches and rating the company’s commitments in terms of how difficult they would be to implement.
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  • Which parts of the organisation do you think are contributing to the delivery of future combined cycle?
  • Rank the three clean power levers (reducing the cost of electricity, lowering environmental footprint, increasing flexibility and reliability) in order of importance for delivering the very large gas turbine VLGT)



Delegates were provided with smart tablet devices for audience messaging and voting, as well as being able to view speaker bios and meeting logistical information.


Both organisers and delegates felt that the use of the smart devices added to the event and the 250 messages sent in by delegates made for a useful and thought provoking Q&A session.
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