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Sports Organisation

Sports Organisation

roundTablesQueensHotelDuring a three-day conference for over 200 Olympic coaches post the Olympics games, we provided a dedicated website and a Twitter feed. Delegates were encouraged to send in messages through touch screen tablets to a Message Gateway server where messages were picked up and appropriate ones could be filtered, edited accordingly and displayed to the live audience. Messaging was also facilitated through the use of smart phones. Individuals were able to connect to a server to send in messages which were again picked up by the Message Gateway.

Additionally, a Twitter feed also enabled people to use a third method of sending in messages. Relevant twitter messages could be edited and filtered in the same way.

tweetsOnScreenMessages were displayed using several screens placed in the main room and a break out room. For example, a session was planned with a gold-medal winning coach and questions for this session were sent to a particular display allowing delegates to generate the content for that session without interrupting the flow of the rest of the meeting.

The event proved a huge success as hundreds of messages were sent in by delegates over the course of the event.