Medical Meeting, Prague

Attendance Management in Prague

Medical Meeting, Prague



When you have a global event with hundreds of delegates from many different countries, providing them with the simple logistics and organisational information can be difficult. When this event is also a medical event where you need to track attendance to ensure delegates receive the right CPD points, things can get quite complicated.

Group Dynamics understands how events work as we’ve been doing them for over 30 years. We work closely with clients to come up with tailor-made solutions for each event they organise.

At this event each delegate was given their personalised RFID Smart Badge upon arrival. Smart kiosks were distributed around the reception area allowing delegates to access their information whenever they wanted to. This included their particular workshop schedule and also their flight and transfer details, ensuring vital event logistics information was always available.

The badges  were also used at the entrance to the plenary sessions to take attendance for CIPD points. Given the complex nature of the breakout schedule, the delegates were also scanned at the door of these. If they had gone to the wrong session, the system immediately informed them where they should be.

In the plenary and breakouts we provided voting and messaging handsets for each delegate, and the Message Gateway was used extensively to channel questions and comments to the speakers – normally a daunting task with an audience of 1,000.

Attendance Management in PragueAt the end of the conference instead of the traditional written feedback forms, the handsets were used to gather feedback on the event electronically. Response levels were much higher than with paper forms, and we also downloaded the information immediately which was another obvious advantage. Within minutes of the end of the conference, we could give detailed information back to our client about how the event had been perceived by the delegates. Here are a few comments received from the delegates using our Messenger handsets:


Great forum. Excellent presenters and very good interaction at the workshops.

One of the most useful meetings I have been to.

Congratulations and thank you!