Top City law firm sparks Partner discussion on innovation using tablet technology

A leading London City law firm held a Partner Network day on Market Disruption and Innovation. Hosts wanted Partners within the firm to take part in two question and answer sessions to get crucial feedback on how the firm was performing in a range of business service areas.
How we did it

In the first session, organisers wanted Partners to have the opportunity to raise any issues concerning market disruption that they wanted panel speakers to address.

To enable this, we created a free text box on the tablets which enabled Lawyers to send in their comments with ease. Individuals simply typed in their questions, one at a time, for panel member discussion. The flexibility of the system meant that there was no restriction in the number of points individuals wished to raise.

A moderator, using another tablet, could see the comments as they came in and was then able to forward them onto panel speakers for further discussion.

In the second session, it was the turn of the organisers to ask Partners for their input on a range of topical issues on how the firm was performing in its practice areas and ways for improvement.

Questions for discussion included: the top 5 risks facing the firm in the current business climate, how to encourage Lawyers to think differently on innovation and the barriers to consider in adapting to a changing market.
Organisers divided questions by table numbers. In tables, Partners simply picked their corresponding table number on the tablet which brought up one topic for discussion. Partners sent in their thoughts and could then elect another question to answer.


The use of tablet technology enabled two- way discussion between organisers and partners. Partners had the freedom to raise the issues that they wanted the firm to take into consideration. Instead of a standard conference where partners simply raised their hands to ask their questions, their comments could be dealt with quickly and responded to promptly using tablets. Equally, the firm gained crucial understanding from its Partners on how as an institution they could improve their business practice areas in the current market in providing their clients an even better service.