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What is Audience Interaction Feedback ?

Audience feedback is a mechanism that allows the opinions and thoughts of an audience to be gathered.

Traditionally this could have been done on a piece of paper asking for comments. Nowadays though, this is usually handled by some form of electronic equipment. What you use and how it is used depends on the type of audience and the nature of the installation.

One of the simplest and arguably most effective ways are those kiosks with smiley face buttons which are a common sight around airports and other public spaces. These are great for monitoring ongoing ‘happiness’ in a permanent environment but can only be used by one person at a time.

How does it work?

At a Live Event such as a business conference or meeting, there is probably a need to collect the opinions of a large group of people at the same time.

This is why we started Group Dynamics in the 1980’s and ever since then have been using dedicated electronic voting keypads to gather thoughts and opinions.  Nowadays we also use tablets, or people’s own mobile phones.

By asking people to express their opinion by a simple press of a button, you can get instant feedback on any topic the results of which can be shown instantly.

Tips and tricks

In a situation where you are asking people to use something you have chosen for them, it must be very simple to use or you will see a drop in participation.

Similarly you should also ensure that it is accessible to as many guests as possible – in other words, look at who is coming and choose the right solutions for them.

Don’t be afraid to display the results of polls. Opinions given honestly are always worth viewing, and sometimes can lead to insights. If an important issue arises, you have the ideal opportunity to address while everyone is still at the meeting.

Finally, do learn from the data you get back. Look for patterns, and for ways not only to improve the meeting for next time, but also to build better relationships with your delegates.

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