Managing Delegates, Helping Organisers

Successful Event Managers wear a lot of different hats. And any solutions that can help with the running of their events are always welcome.

Delegates need to know where they are expected to be, have help to get there, and checks made to ensure they haven’t gone astray. Organisers need tools to help them make decisions about the running of their events. 

With our RFID badges we can not only help the delegates, we can also help the organisers. Rather than go into long technical descriptions of how it works, here are a selection of questions we have been able to answer instantly at events using our Smart Badges:

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"How many delegates are actually here?"
"Have all our speakers arrived?"
"Who is here from Barclays?"

"How many people are in the plenary?"
"Which breakout is the busiest?"
"We're looking for someone. When and where were they last seen?"

"How many people attended all the sessions?"
"How many sessions on average did people attend?"
"Which sessions were the most popular?"

I’m really pleased at how this worked. We had a debrief meeting and it was mentioned how well the registration process worked. I’m very happy.

How do you ensure the right delegates go to the right sessions?
Do you need to track your guests for CPD or other reasons?
Do you know how many people attend each session?

don't be shy, say hello.

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don't be shy, say hello.

+44 (0) 20 8991 9559