The Messenger handset is the result of many years’ experience of running interactive voting sessions at Conferences and Events all around the world .

It gives audiences and organisers a fast and flexible way of sharing thoughts and opinions, in an instant. Powerful software behind the scenes creates a full audit trail of votes as each keypad is individually recognised within the system.

With over 2,000 handsets in stock we can cater to events large and small, and since the Messenger handset also includes an RFID reader, it is completely compatible with our smart badges.

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Results are instantly available as soon as a vote completes.


Proprietary communications on one of 16 channels.


Pick up the handset and press the corresponding number. That's it.


The best way to ensure everybody's opinion is counted.


Options include opinion voting, quizzes, TV game shows, & AGMs.


Often cheaper than using a BYOD solution and having to pay for venue WiFi and internet.

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