What's in a badge?

Most events require delegates to wear a badge that identifies them. This is to show they belong at the event, and also provides networking opportunities.

Our badges contain an RFID chip that can be read by our kiosk scanners, our tablets and our voting handsets. This allows delegates to be instantly identified and to log their presence in sessions and workshops.

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How to manage attendance?

Our scanner kiosks are stylish and custom-built for ease of use and portability. They can hold a smaller 7″ tablet or more commonly, a larger 10″ device.

Although their primary function may be for attendance management, the screens provide an excellent opportunity for digital signage and normally indicate the title and location of the session, and the timings thereof. They can also show logos and follow colour schemes to match the branding of the event.

Attendees simply place their badge over the indicated area and the screens immediately update with information for the delegate, whilst recording that delegate’s attendance for analysis or CME points.

Other services

In addition to being used to manage and record attendance, the scanner kiosks can be used for a myriad of other activities during Conferences and Events.

We have used Interactive games, with scores recorded for each delegate. Interactive table plans are also a popular option, where delegates can see where they are to sit with a simple swipe of their badge.

Quizzes and surveys can also be carried out, and kiosks in Poster sessions at Medical Conferences are also a common use for our scanners.

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