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Audience Interaction

Audience feedback is a mechanism that allows the opinions and thoughts of an audience to be gathered. But how is it done and how should ...
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EventTech Tips

Event technology has changed hugely over the last few years and it’s really exciting to see how things have progressed. So here is some simple ...
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From data to insight

A lot of event technology suppliers (us included) keep telling their clients they ought to do more with the data generated at their events. But ...
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A PowerPoint Story

Ideally, instead of a series of slides, a PowerPoint presentation should take the audience on a journey so they feel involved and a part of ...
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The Big Badge Bodge

We all know first impressions count. And the first impression at many events is the registration desk, where delegates receive their badge and obtain access ...
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Perceptions of the EventTech Sector

We asked our followers on social media to describe the Event Technology sector in one word and the responses received have given us food for ...
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Event Technology: 8 things to consider

Choosing the right technologies for your events is often not simple. Here are a few pieces of advice to help you get it right.
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Is there still a place for voting keypads?

Event apps all offer some form of polling/voting, so it might appear that the days of the dedicated voting keypad are numbered. We might respectfully ...
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What is the right technology solution for your event?

Technology is everywhere so it is no surprise that today’s event attendees expect to be consulted & engaged at the events they attend. So how ...
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Artificial Intelligence in Events

A child walks into class and states the earth is flat. What should the teacher do? Point them towards the Flat Earth Society's website?
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Why an app company jumped on a bus and why we should care

There’s an app called CityMapper that helps me get around London. It tells me the best route, which carriage to take on the tube to ...
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WWW – The Wild West of WiFi

Is it just us or is the cost of WiFi and internet access at venues still a complete mystery? Unfortunately the quality, capacity and coverage ...
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Is ignoring half your audience acceptable?

Would you use a venue where only 50% of your audience could see the screen? Or a catering company that provided food for only 50% ...
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The Digital Tapestry

Technology has transformed the way we communicate. Audience behaviour has shifted and how they are described has evolved. This allows stories to emerge and connections ...
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Trends in Event Technology

We’re often asked for our opinions about what the “next big thing” is going to be, the piece of technology that is going to burst ...
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RFID in a Nutshell

Many of you have probably heard of RFID and how it can revolutionise an event by enhancing attendees’ experiences whilst making the process more efficient ...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Interact with Your Audience

There are a lot of articles offering tips on how you can improve the way you interact with your audience at events but not many ...
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“Technology is so much fun but the fog of information can drive out knowledge.”

Technology gives us access to a vast amount of information available almost anywhere, and at the push of a button.

But can we get lost ...
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Voting is dead. Discuss.

Mobile event apps have stormed onto the scene over the last few years. The rise of the smart phone has led to the almost universally ...
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Guest Speaking in Zagreb – Getting Big with Data

I was recently invited to speak at the inaugural RSVP conference in Zagreb, aimed at Event Managers and Marketers based in Croatia, and thanks to ...
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The Benefits of a Paperless Conference

Organising conferences can be stressful, especially when you have to print out large copies of delegate packs. Why not go paperless instead to remove this ...
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Engage Your Audience With Electronic Interactive Voting

We have all been to meetings where a presenter simply talks and talks using a series of PowerPoint slides. The danger of this format is ...
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How to Use Messaging at Your Event – 6 Helpful Hints

It may seem simple but meetings are about people and delegates now expect more. They want to be involved and consulted and you as organiser ...
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a pile of tablets

Tablets and iPads in Conferences: 10 things you should consider

Tablets, iPads and Event Apps are a popular option for conferences and events now. With careful planning they can add a huge amount of value ...
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Are you sitting comfortably?

For event organisers, one of the key things to avoid at events are bottlenecks. Whether at the registration desk, at the entrance to the plenary ...
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The Letter ‘i’

The letter "i" might not seem especially relevant to a supplier of Event Technology, but there are four words that begin with this letter that ...
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