We provide creative solutions and the latest technology so that you can involve and inspire your delegates, making your events more informative and memorable.

From interactive voting and messaging on handsets to event apps on tablets, we help businesses from all sectors and industries to communicate with audiences at their meetings, conferences and events.


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Group Dynamics provide a wide range of innovative solutions from voting keypads and real-time messaging in event apps, to seamless attendance management using contactless technology.

We help transform events by facilitating communication between attendees, presenters and organisers.


Our interactive devices and apps give you dynamic ways to gauge opinions and measure uptake of key information.

Our solutions enable a selection of interactive services. Including  voting  systems, messaging, surveys, provide meeting content, and much more.


When an attendee leaves a meeting empowered with new knowledge and motivated to embrace change and to reach for new goals, you know your meeting has been a triumph.

Take a look at our success stories to see how we have helped our clients inspire their audiences.

Why us?

We believe event technology should be inclusive, allowing everyone the same opportunities to communicate.

We create solutions that are simple-to-use and intuitive, ensuring maximum adoption and unparalleled results.

We have over 35 years of experience in bringing interactive and engaging solutions to audiences all over the world.

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