messages sent in WhatsApp every day

The sending of messages has become the norm everywhere. WhatsApp users alone create 65 billion messages every day (figures from 2018).

Having a closed network within a conference though where questions and comments can be raised and shared, is a really powerful tool. Delegates need to have the freedom to raise questions and comments during meetings without feeling self-conscious, nervous or embarrassed. Event organisers want to encourage the flow of questions without having to disrupt the event and having to worry about collecting responses through a microphone or hand-written notes. 

Privacy is also often important in many meetings so a system that does not send information over the internet is ideal.

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Delegates can send in messages to the organisers at any point for Q&A sessions for example using our tablets or handsets.

Addtionally, custom activities can be created around messaging to allow delegates to take part in tasks or to answer specific questions.

Messages can be vetted by one or more moderators using a dedicated tablet to ensure only relevant messages are displayed.

Once approved by a moderator, messages can appear back on delegates’ tablets so that instead of sending in a repeat question, they can vote up the best messages.

Facilitators can see approved messages in order of priority (if using the up voting option) on another dedicated tablet so that they can deal with them accordingly during the Q&A.

Delegates can send private messages to other delegates without revealing their contact details.

Through the use of our RFID smart badges, only delegates that are actually at the event can be sent messages.

The ability to send and receive text messages within a conference is a powerful tool.

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