What is Electronic Polling?

Electronic Polling involves the audience using an electronic device to choose one or more options from a multiple choice question displayed on a large screen. Once all votes are in, a chart is usually displayed to show how the audience as a group responded.

We’ve been designing, creating and manufacturing our own electronic voting systems since the early 1980’s. 

Our solutions ensure that your delegates have the freedom to express their opinions in a controlled and inclusive manner through our simple-to-use interactive voting devices and smart tablets.

We will prepare your presentation for you, and an experienced technician will be with you throughout the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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How it works


Electronic Voting Handsets or Smart Tablets are given to each member of the audience.


During the presentation, slides with any number of multiple choice options are displayed to the audience. Questions and options can also appear on individual handsets or tablets.


When ready, all devices are activated and the audience chooses their response or responses. Countdowns can be accompanied by music and graphics.


A chart can appear as soon as the countdown finishes allowing fast and accurate polling of hundreds of people, instantly.

Other features


Our software is built into PowerPoint meaning we can follow client templates and designs exactly.

Charts are standard shapes and we give our clients the full presentation as soon as the event concludes.


The results from one or more questions can split the audience into groups.

These groups can then be used to segment the results of other questions to see how different sections of the audience responded.


Points are assigned to correct answers.

Individual scores can be combined into teams and scores shown at any point.

Quizzes can be divided into rounds and themed to TV gameshows.


Pictures can be used instead of text.

Animated countdowns can accompany the voting process.

Music can also be played during the countdowns.


Ask the same question at two different points in the presentation/session/event.

Both results appear on the same screen to show how opinions have changed.

Incredibly useful to confirm key messages.


Data can be exported after each vote to Excel, where calculations can be made, and data instantly imported back into PowerPoint for the chart.

All results and full audit trail of voting available as well after the event.

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don't be shy, say hello.

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