What is event data?

When you hold an event a lot of data is generated. For example, attendance to each of the sessions and the activity of each of the delegates is normally now recorded automatically as digital event technology has replaced a lot of manual or paper-based tasks. 

This data can hold invaluable insights into the thoughts, beliefs and preferences of the audience as a whole, and at an individual level as well. The comparison between what any individual and what the group expressed can add a richness of context to the data that should not be ignored.

After each event we create a spreadsheet with all the data from all the activities. We can help you understand how it all ties together and highlight key statistics or messages that are apparent. The data is a ‘raw material’ that needs context and wisdom to turn it into valuable insights, but with a little investment in time, clients can really reap the benefits of using our event technology at their events.

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From data to insight

A lot of event technology suppliers (us included) keep telling their clients they ought to do more with the data generated at their events. But should we still be talking about data, or should we be talking about something else completely?
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The Digital Tapestry

Technology has transformed the way we communicate. Audience behaviour has shifted and how they are described has evolved. This allows stories to emerge and connections to be discovered creating a digital tapestry of information.
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