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At a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) event, attendees do not use technology supplied by the Event Organiser, they use their own. But standard BYOD solutions rely on you to create the content and help attendees with any technical issues that come up during the event.

Our BYOD solution does not require any app installs from Apple or Google as it works directly in the web browser of any modern device, be it a smart phone, tablet or computer. We provide the technical know-how to program and create the content both before and work alongside you to ensure a smooth and seamless integration. And we are with you on site to help with any technical issues attendees may have and to make any last-minute changes.

Features within our software solution include Agendas, Speaker Biographies and event Surveys along with real time voting and ‘Ask a Question’ to the presenters. These are designed to ensure maximum interest and interaction from your delegates.

You often get attendees who do not want to use their own device, or simply do not have one. Others will run out of battery mid-way through your event and so you need to have spare devices at the ready at all times. With our managed solution we provide additional smart devices for delegates so that everyone can participate in the meeting.

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Setting up a WiFi network for lots of people in the same room (many with multiple devices) can be a headache. If the venue does not have a robust WiFi network for your attendees, we can install a temporary WiFi network using professional grade Access Points.

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