Engage Your Audience With Electronic Interactive Voting

We have all been to meetings where a presenter simply talks and talks for the duration of the meeting using a series of PowerPoint slides. The danger of this format is that delegates switch off and the key messages they want to convey are lost.

What better way of capturing your audience’s attention than through a series of interactive voting questions where delegates become active participants rather than passive receivers?

Incorporating a voting element into your event engages delegates and allows you to set the questions and topics that you want to ask. Voting ensures that each delegate’s voice is heard, gives them the confidence to contribute without peer pressure and means that delegate feedback is high.

Here are some different types of question you can ask using our electronic polling system:

Matter of Opinion

Obtain your audience’s opinions on the questions that matter and see their thoughts instantly. Reinforce key messages during the meeting and check understanding. For example you can ask your employees how strongly they feel engaged within the business, how confident they feel about economic growth or their opinions on company sales targets.


Engage your audience through a voting quiz or a set of tests. You might decide to use this as a motivational exercise or as a more serious assessment of your company services and products. Delegates can be scored individually or as part of a team.


You might decide to evaluate the success of your event by asking individuals for their feedback and ask them to grade their responses using a sliding scale from 1-9 for example. An average score is calculated for each option allowing results to be instantly compared.

Compare and Contrast

One of the most powerful ways of seeing how your audience’s opinions change is by asking a series of questions at the beginning of your session and repeating them at the end. This allows you to monitor shifts in opinions throughout the event which is useful for panel debates where presenters need to see the shift in audience opinion.

Divide and Conquer

See how your different departments feel about a given topic. You may want to compare how your colleagues’ opinions in sales and marketing differ over those of HR. Demographic questions can split individuals into groups such as age, experience or location.


By asking the audience to place the options in order, you can see which choices they feel are the most important. Responses are weighted accordingly and the chart shows the audience's preferred order.


Give your delegates a wide range of statements that they can choose to agree or disagree with. These types of questions are especially useful for Council meetings, public consultation, AGM’s. These enable you to establish whether a consensus has been reached on a set of topics.


See how your different departments feel about a given topic by choosing the extremes from a list. Unlike a prioritise vote they only choose two rather than placing all the options in order.

Dual Value

You can ask the audience to score a series of options on two different scales at the same time allowing for more complex scenarios to be contemplated with ease.

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