Event Technology: 8 things to consider

1. Choices, choices

Hundreds of solutions and providers of Event Technology are available – some free, some costing thousands.

However, don’t panic, tie down your budget and work out how much time you have to prepare. This will narrow the search significantly.

2. Never lose sight of the objectives

More importantly identify the meeting objectives before you even consider using technology.

Why are you holding the event? Who is coming? What are you trying to achieve?

3. Involve your technology partner​

Find a supplier you can trust who can advise you what you need to achieve your goals.

Event Technology that is not solving a problem is potentially creating one.

4. Don't overdo it

You may be tempted to use your Event Technology everywhere you can.

However this can be counter-productive as you risk overloading and distracting your attendees when you should be engaging and stimulating them.

5. Data Security and Privacy

Check where your data is being stored, who has access and how you are sharing attendees’ personal information.

Ignore this and you could get into hot water.

With the introduction of the GDPR you may also need to manage your participants' consent to you processing their data.

6. Check Wi-Fi and internet access​

Don’t take the Wi-Fi for granted.

Get expert help to ensure the venue can handle the technology and the number of attendees coming.

7. Measure the impact

Whatever you decide to use, make sure there are systems in place to analyse how well it all worked.

Challenge your suppliers to improve for the next event, and spend time with the data generated. You may well discover some wonderful insights.

8. And finally...

The event technology you use should help people share information and improve their experience at your events.

It should be inclusive, available to all, and should not take centre stage. After all, meetings are not about technology.

Meetings are about people.

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