The Benefits of a Paperless Conference

Organising conferences can be stressful, especially when you have to print out large copies of delegate packs. Why not go paperless instead to remove this pressure and offer your delegates all the materials they need electronically using a tablet device?

Information at your fingertips

You can provide your attendees with all the crucial information they need. You might consider providing your attendees with a series of customised pages including: a welcome note, an agenda, speaker bio information and even an interactive seating plan!

Instead of delegates having to flick through a booklet to find the relevant material to follow, they can simply refer to the meeting content at their leisure on their tablet, all at the touch of a button. You don’t even have to worry about printing copies of presentation slides as these can also be viewed on the tablet device.


By providing electronic material, delegates can have all the information they need in one easy place on the tablet device instead of having to carry around a conference booklet or bundles of paper.


Going paperless enables you to be environmentally friendly. You do not have to concern yourself with printing out large quantities of delegate packs in preparation for your event. You also do not have the concern of wastage if you print excess booklets only for delegates not to attend.

Last-minute changes

Should you need to make amendments to your conference agenda or have to alter your attendee list, you will not have to waste paper by printing out the amended pages or even manually cross items out. Instead, changes can be made easily and quickly and all tablets will be updated within minutes.


Delegates often want to take away conference booklets and papers which is not a problem with a paperless system. They can request materials be sent to them following the event. Likewise any notes they have taken can also be sent onto them.

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