The Digital Tapestry

Technology has transformed the way we communicate.

Technology has transformed the way we communicate

We now live in a connected world, where instant messages can be seen by millions within seconds, where large corporations do not necessarily control the narrative, where Social Media has become the source for breaking news. The Events Industry has also seen a huge change in the way events are run.

Audience behaviour has shifted.

Audience behaviour has shifted

In the past, audiences were there to listen, and only to listen. Keypad voting systems allowed them to express their views. With text messaging, audiences could ask questions and post comments. Whereas before they were passive receivers, they are now active participants that expect and demand to be consulted and engaged.

How they are described has evolved.

This means traditional definitions of participants are no longer adequate. Up until recently, we had to be satisfied with knowing what our audiences said and did; now we need to understand the motivations and the reasons behind their actions.

This allows stories to emerge…

Information helps place actions into context, allowing individual stories to appear that can lead to remarkable insights into audience behaviour. Joining the information together creates stories that can be used to improve the event itself and to communicate better with each attendee.

and connections to be discovered…

These individual stories often intersect and common themes can create real value to both the attendee and the event organiser. What did different people who share the same employer have to say? Do attendees who really enjoyed a particular session have something else in common?

creating a digital tapestry of information.

Each participant generates a digital thread of information that weaves around the event, intersecting and interacting with other digital threads. These interactions create a digital tapestry that is the source of all insights.

Technology reveals unique attendee journeys

This is the power of information – it can make an event far more enjoyable and useful to the attendee and add whole new levels of value for the organisers. It can both enhance attendees’ experiences and foster new and better relationships for the future.

profoundly changing how we communicate with our audiences.

Technology allows us to comprehend the motivations and desires of our audiences and create events that are tailored to their requirements, generating additional opportunities and value.

Technology’s not about building apps or solutions, it’s about building relationships.

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