WWW – The Wild West of WiFi

WWW – The Wild West of WiFi


Is it just me or is the charging for WiFi at venues STILL a complete mystery?

Some examples:

Venue A: WiFi network for 1,000 delegates throughout a large venue for four days: €400
Venue B: WiFi network for 300 delegates throughout a smaller venue for three days: €2,500
Venue C: WiFi network for 400 delegates in one room for a two-hour symposium: €10,000

Venue A’s service and coverage was flawless, Venue B’s was troublesome and problematic (and of course not their fault until we proved it). Venue C didn’t get the chance to show how good their system was as the client understandably made ‘alternative arrangements’.

My advice to Event Planners is to check the costs of WiFi before signing off on a venue to avoid having no option but to pay what can be in my opinion excessive charges. And if in doubt about the technical characteristics such as bandwidth required, concurrency etc., do talk to an independent expert.

In short, it would appear we are still a long way away from being able to expect reasonable WiFi at all venues.