Messenger Voting & Messaging System

Group Dynamics Messenger HandsetsWe believe that conferences, meetings and events should be dynamic and inspiring. The Messenger handset offers delegates the opportunity to become active participants by engaging them in the event.


Find out what your audience members are thinking and want to tell you in a controlled manner.  See audience responses in real-time and surprise audience members as results come in.


Group Dynamics’ Messenger handset enables delegates to interact in the meeting process through its messaging and voting features.

Text messaging offers:

  • Instant communication with your entire audience
  • A simple and effective way to receive questions and comments
  • Messages can be edited and displayed live
  • Messages can be filtered and common themes grouped


Voting provides:

  • An interactive way to gauge delegates’ opinions
  • Instant results
  • A way of keeping your audience engaged and informed


Much more than just a voting system, the Messenger can display company logos, product branding or information during a session. These can be changed as often as necessary throughout the course of the day. When it’s time to vote, the screen can display the question, options and results.


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