Interactive Fundraising & Silent Auctions

Group Dynamics have supported charities and fundraising events for more than 25 years.


Generating as much revenue as possible at these events is key, and with this in mind we have developed fundraising and auction apps to work with our interactive technologies.


Traditional silent auctions may not generate enough ‘auction fever’, but with our system this is guaranteed.

auction fun

  • Proven to generate more income than a traditional auction
  • Multiple lots can be auctioned simultaneously
  • Guests can bid on items at their tables while having dinner
  • Paperless and easier to manage
  • Summary screens for each lot can be displayed throughout the auction
  • Guests can also pledge donations without bidding for an item


How it works

Using a Messenger handset or Smart Device, guests are free to browse information about all available lots. When they want to bid for an item, they simply type in how much they would like to bid, then scan their personalised Smart Badge to confirm. The Smart Badges require no log in or pin to remember and are easy, secure and fast to use.


The lot summary screens are then updated to show who is winning and how much has been raised so far. At the end of the auction, a full bid history is available which is available as an Excel spreadsheet.