Interactive Survey & Feedback System

Feedback Forms

Say goodbye to paper feedback forms with our electronic event feedback and survey system.

Getting feedback about your event from your delegates is an essential part in understanding what went well at your event and what could be improved on.


How can you you gain detailed feed back from your delegates without it being time consuming and having to be restricted to paper evaluation forms?


The use of an electronic feedback form removes this lengthy process.


Using our Messenger voting keypad or event app on a Smart Device, delegates can be asked to rate certain aspects of the event, answer multiple choice questions or add their own comments in their own time in a very efficient manner. Delegates are not restricted to just giving your event a score and can praise the event as well as raise any issues.



How can you collect information such as market research, exhibition surveys and assessments  from your delegates in an interactive way without resorting to printed material or displays? How can this information be gathered and stored for analysis?


Our electronic survey system using the Messenger voting keypad and or one of our bespoke event apps on a Smart Device enables delegates to respond to survey questions in a timely way. Delegates simply answer questions displayed on the device and responses are stored to be downloaded later, or transmitted instantly for analysis. Surveys can even be dynamic where different sets of questions can be asked based on the responses to previous parts of the survey.


Open-ended questions are also available in the form of text or numeric responses. Users can submit comments or even contact information such as email addresses.


Multiple sets of survey responses can be stored allowing multiple users on a single device.


Smart Badges

Smart RFID Badges can be used to customise surveys and feedback forms.RFID Smart Badges can be used as part of the feedback form to track responses or to allow different types of delegates to answer a customised set of questions.