How a financial services company improves engagement at their annual roadshow

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A large financial services company run a pension roadshow around the UK every year. Given previous experience with event technology that did not achieve their objectives, they approached Group Dynamics to design and build a new solution.

This needed to be easy for their clients to use as well as capturing as much information as possible to gather insights from the interactions and learn more about their clients’ needs.

By changing the focus of the events to be about sharing information, increased levels of engagement were achieved and their clients were more likely to share information about themselves which has led to a much better understanding of their clients’ individual requirements.

The solution

Smart Badges

RFID badges are given to delegates and are scanned marking them as present.


Delegates sit at any table and log in to a tablet using their RFID badge

Paperless App

Depending on the type of delegate logging in, different functions are available


Tablets automatically come to life to show polls which means the whole audience can respond in seconds


Delegates send in questions and comments at any time and can ‘like’ other people’s messages to ensure the most relevant ones are dealt with in the Q&A

Star ratings

At the end of each presentation, a quick 5-star survey pops up on every tablet to get instant appraisal on the presentations.

Host Notes

Employees of the client attending the events take notes of all conversations they have with delegates which form the basis of follow-ups and actions post-event

Document requests

Delegates request any number of available documents to be sent to them post-event. Metrics are stored enabling the client to see preferences and tailor future material.

Private Chat

Delegates can send private messages to any other delegate at the conference – only delegates that are actually there appear on the attendee list.


At the end of the event an easy-to-use survey appears on all tablets. Given the interactive and participative nature of the event, most delegates are happy to fill it in.


All the data from all the different areas is collated and sent back for analysis. This leads to valuable insights into what the delegates would like to see in their business.

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