Medical Summit, Cape Town: Using Smart Devices to Capture & Share Ideas

A leading pharmaceutical company held a summit in Cape Town to discuss the advances in their field. 150 Doctors attended from Africa and the Middle East.

Organisers wanted to create an informative and engaging conference for doctors to discuss and share the latest advances in their field of treatment, as well as having the ability to make notes of case studies and discussions to refer back to in practice.

Doctors registered their attendance by logging into one of our tablets using a Smart badge. This also gave organisers an accurate record of delegate attendance for the awarding of CPD points.

A paperless conference app was created with a customised agenda, biographies of all speakers and presenters as well as a note-taking facility. Attendees were able to make notes on different sessions which were then sent onto them following the event. Using the message facility, they were able to send in their comments on topics as well as raise questions for panel speakers to answer. Interactive voting also enabled them to vote on clinical case studies as well as give their opinions on preferred haemophilia treatments.

Organisers wanted to make sessions as thought-provoking and engaging as possible. A poster voting session was created where delegates were able to view a series of poster presentations on their tablet device and then to vote for their favourite.

IMG_20150503_132042A word cloud exercise was also created where doctors were asked to text in one word which corresponded to a particular topic. One example was ‘how do you see the future of gene therapy?’ This exercise provided a fun and thought-provoking discussion, the ability for Doctors to share ideas and organisers to capture information. Words that were sent in were then displayed for the audience to see, with the most popular words displayed in a larger font size

Doctors found sessions creative and informative. They found the tablets easy to use and the technology provided an easy way for them to share their opinions and medical knowledge with their peers as well as enable them to make their own notes for referring to at a later date.

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