How a financial services company improved engagement at their annual roadshow

How a financial services company improved engagement at their annual roadshow

A large financial services company run a pension roadshow around the UK every year. Given previous experience with event technology that did not achieve their objectives, they approached Group Dynamics to design and build a new solution.

This needed to be easy for their clients to use as well as capturing as much information as possible to gather insights from the interactions and learn more about their clients’ needs and requirements.

The Solution

The name badges provided to all attendees included an RFID circuit, which allowed them to log in to the tablet device that they were given at registration. The paperless solution on the tablet enabled attendees to:

  • view the agenda and speaker biographies of those presenting
  • participate in polls
  • ask questions
  • make notes
  • complete the feedback form
  • watch videos
  • see who else was at the event and allow them to message one another
  • request presentation documents and materials
  • register interest in different products

The RFID element in the badges also enabled staff members to have access to an additional feature where they were able to make notes about their conversations with clients throughout the event.

The features in the paperless solution enabled the company to know how clients voted, what questions they asked, what documents and products they were interested in and how they interacted with staff.

The Results

Engagement levels were high with positive feedback from clients:

“Engaging and informative event, great use of technology”

“Brilliant use of technology. The tablets were easy to use and aided questions etc. rather than getting in the way”

“The conference was very informative, the most digitally enabled I have attended”

“Best use of technology to support interaction that I have ever experienced”

And staff alike:

I must mention that the tablets used this time around were light years better than last year’s. Having the local LAN was also very reliable and quick. A good move to swap vendors indeed”


With all of the information collected, the company gathered valuable insights with the aim to improve ongoing relationships with their clients.


Delegates attended


Q&A Messages received


Conversations captured


Documents requested


Pop-up surveys completed


Polling votes collected


Evaluation votes gathered



% who rated our digital app 4 or 5 out of 50%