Newsworks – Tech Nation

Newsworks – Tech Nation

techNationThumbGroup Dynamics provided Smart Kiosks for Newsworks – a marketing body responsible for newspapers and advertisers in Central London.

Newsworks had completed a research project on the new Tech Nation which had split the UK into five different tech types:


  • Tech Rich: Important to have the latest tech, have a passionate interest in technology and a desire for the latest product
  • Social Addict: Strong emotional attachment to mobile devices, tech ownership is high and is all about being constantly connected
  • TV Worshipper: TV takes high priority, tech purchases are driven by entertainment needs
  • Quality Seeker: Own more traditional and functional tech items, keen to buy the best technology but rely on trusted sources for guidance
  • Price Pragmatist: Don’t own many tech devices, seek out offers and deals, need trusted info to help them make the right choices

techNationKiosksSet in an all white setting and against a backdrop of LED lighting, the event was split between two rooms; Our Smart Kiosks  were installed in the lower level to allow attendees to vote whilst the main room hosted a drinks reception with presentations and videos following up on the voting session.


As part of the voting, guests were presented with a room complete with a series of hanging picture profiles and case study descriptions. The profiles ranged from:

  • Admin assistant
  • Bar worker
  • Teacher
  • Comedian
  • Healthcare manager
  • Security firm employee
  • Promoter
  • Photographer

techNationVotingAs drinks and canapés flowed and guests mingled, they were asked to vote each individual into one of the tech type categories cited above simply by voting on the touch screen tablets.

Results were collected in and displayed to a live audience. In the example of the admin assistant:

42% of guests decided that she was a price pragmatist
6% a Quality Seeker
3% a TV Worshipper
46% a Social Addict
3% Tech Rich


Following the analysis of the voting results, videos were shown of each individual in the category speaking about their attitudes to technology and buying new devices. Guests then gained insight into the differences between each category.



kioskGeekCalcAdditional touch screen Smart Kiosks were set up in the drinks reception so that guests could take part in Newsworks’ Geek Calculator quiz to measure which of the five tech groups they fell into. The guests enjoyed the interactive element of the event and were quite surprised by the findings with one commenting that he thought he would be classed as a social addict but was in fact proved wrong and turned out to be a TV Worshipper.

Over 200,000 people took part in the Geek Calculator survey.