How to improve first impressions with live badging

We all know first impressions count. And the first impression at many events is the registration desk, where delegates receive their badge and obtain access to the event. Whereas traditionally all badges are laid out on tables, live badging means printing badges “on demand” for people as they arrive. The impression from both can be very different as portrayed below by two people – the guest and the organiser. Which version do you prefer?

Traditional Badging

Live Badging

Mary Thurswapp entered the venue and crossed over to the registration desk where she contemplated the hundreds of badges laid out in front of her. They looked like they were in alphabetical order so she wandered across to the T’s but couldn’t find her name.

Meanwhile Carol had just finished giving out her hundredth badge (not that she had time to count of course!) when she noticed someone looking at the large amount of badges still on the desk with a slightly confused look on her face.

Can I help you?” she asked.

I’m trying to find my badge,” she replied. “My name’s Mary Thurswapp.

Carol strained to read the badges upside down as she had done on the previous 100, but couldn’t see this one.

How do you spell your surname?” she asked.

T - H - U - R,” Mary began.

Are you a client or employee?” asked Carol.

Actually, neither. I am one of your guest speakers.”

Oh, excuse me! Then your badge will be over here in the VIP section.”

Sound familiar? With all the event technology that goes into registration systems and on site engagement, why is the bit in between them, the registration desk, often still such a manual chore?

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